Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Early blossoms of spring

It’s  December; dark and gloomy  but for the laughter of the pretty brides, of their handsome grooms…laughter which lights up the dark.. laughter which brings about hope;

It’s December; where the misty mornings and the cold evening winds give us but a glimpse of the winter; where we open our arms wide, welcoming a fresh year, a fresh beginning,where new ties are made, old grudges forgotten;

It's December, and I picture the blossoms of spring, I feel the warmth it brings.. warmth that lights up the heart, warmth that soothes the soul..

It’s still December, It’s still the winter… but here I am, longing for the spring, yearning to see its first blossoms, and colours replacing the dullness of black,white and grey..

With love, as always...


  1. what a positively optimistic blog post. I love it!

    Hoping to see many many more.. :)