Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Early blossoms of spring

It’s  December; dark and gloomy  but for the laughter of the pretty brides, of their handsome grooms…laughter which lights up the dark.. laughter which brings about hope;

It’s December; where the misty mornings and the cold evening winds give us but a glimpse of the winter; where we open our arms wide, welcoming a fresh year, a fresh beginning,where new ties are made, old grudges forgotten;

It's December, and I picture the blossoms of spring, I feel the warmth it brings.. warmth that lights up the heart, warmth that soothes the soul..

It’s still December, It’s still the winter… but here I am, longing for the spring, yearning to see its first blossoms, and colours replacing the dullness of black,white and grey..

With love, as always...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

25: A new beginning

26th December 2010..this day yours truly turns 25! the more hopeful would it call it passing the first quater of life but guess what..I dont want to live to be a hundred..I'd rather live for half of that and die happily so long as the following would be carved in my gravestone and more importantly in the hearts of those who always matterd to me.. "here lies a man who lived each day of his life to his heart's content"..

What matters is not the number of birthdays you celebrated! what truly matters is the smiles you've brought about..the sorrows you were instumental in withering away...and how you've made things pleasant for those who are around you..

At 25, when I look back I see that things haven't gone all wrong for me..got qualified, started a career in Tea manufacting and then switched to a more regal,legal career..I've learnt quite a bit! many through bitter experiences and a few through failures but the bottomline is I've managed to stand up on my feet, every time I got knocked down..so as I type this I am a happy soul..All I have to bear in mind is that there's a lot more to get-out there..and only an undying passion could get me there..as it is,I think I've got what it takes..but let's see..

ah! and 25... this is the age where lots of your mates tie the knot..so much so that the first question I ask any female friend I come accross after a while is whether she is married..and if the answer is negative a second question would be fired - when?
I am happy for the people who have already found their soulmates,the person they'd spend the rest of their lives with..but I am happier for my self..each day I learn the delights of being single! at first it is boring but as you get used to it you get comfortable with the idea..and when you stay single for a lil longer it sinks in to you that being single is one of the most awesome things!

So this coming year may those who wish to tie the knot be granted their wish..may those of you happy people bask in the awesomeness and devour the delights of single life..
wish you a splendid 2011!
with love as always,

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Heartless; that's what they say I am..but little do you know that someone broke ma heart in to bits and pieces, so tiny that I haven't finished collecting them even after a year and a half! I promise; I'll be the good fella I used to be the moment I glue the pieces together...

I tried and I tried hard to speed up but the harder I try the tougher it becomes to make things right... Please bear with me for speaking my heart out because so many good friends have kept telling me "do not show that you're sad- forget it and start afresh!" It cannot be done with the same ease as saying it!

Attempts were made to start again but none were up to the mark and I've started wondering whether anyone could outmatch THE Girl! I hope for my sake that I am terribly wrong and that there are actually better women in existance...

I may have been rude to you, I may have told you off and I dont blame it all on a broken heart...getting pissed off is in my genes I know- but I beg to stress on this- I was a better fella..and I promise you this; I'll be my normal self when the wounds heal....they say time is the best medicine but they dont tell me what the appropriate doze is!

But onething I must set out clearly- I do not regret a single minute of the loveliest four years of my life! All the tears that followed; I bore happily because the beauty of it was well worth the pain that followed! I still dream about her and will continue to do till the last day of my life...Rod Stewert said the "first cut is the deepest" and I beg to agree and not to differ; strange but it's as normal as the darkness that prevail in the night! or the darkness in my heart for that matter...

Well, I'll tell you how this note came in to being...The first few lines were going to go in to my status update but I thought better of it and decided to do a little note thingi! I didnt know how I was going to start it but I started it somehow;the note that is- and it will end abruptly as I am no poet...

with love as always......